A set back can be frustrating! Avoid making it worse with this idea.

So you’ve weighed in this morning and gained some weight!

Agility Fitness Bristol
Don’t let a back day turn into a bad week!

Its easy to get frustrated or even angry about weight gain, annoyed with yourself for breaking your diet or getting carried away with your treats this weekend.
Its also easy to let that frustration get in yor way and make a small set back an even bigger one.

So to help avoid letting a bad weekend turn into a bad week you can think of ‘the line of best fit’.

If you look at the graph below, you can see the main line going up and down a lot of times, if this is a four month period that is exactly what your weight will do!
The red line is ‘the line of best fit’.
If you keep focused your weight will trend downward continously regardless of having eaten and drunk a bit much at that wedding, or whatever else caused the weight gain.
Our weight fluctuates a lot, so weigh in and take a note of the result but don’t take it to much to heart. Get back to your healthy eating and exercise and the gained weight will soon drop off.

line of best fit

You’ve got to allow room for enjoying yourself, so that may mean having a few drinks or eating some treats now and then.
Health and fitness shouldn’t be about depriving yourself and then getting upset when you’ve been ‘naughty’. If you eat healthy and exercise you will get healthier and loose some weight and be able to allow yourself some of the nicer things that you enjoy.

Injury is another set back you can apply the line of best fit too.

Continue training with an injury?
Ankle Injury workout

If you’ve been training for a while you’ve no doubt experienced an injury. It easily feels like you can’t train anymore and all of your effort has been wasted.

To avoid letting this frustration damage your recovery and lead to breaking you healthy eating, and gaining weight, as well as not being able to train as much as you like think of the ‘the line of best fit’ but this time with the line going up instead of down.

Improving your fitness is a long term thing. sometimes your doing amazing, sometimes you have a set back and have to slow down. just like the blue line on the graph it can go up and down a lot but you can do some training around the injury and do some rehab to get the injury back up to speed and before you know it you back to full strength and you’ll be increasing you fitness again.

Injury doesn’t need to be the end you can continue to train other body to download a workout you could do around an ankle injury click here.

do you have a different injury?
Let me know and i’ll sort you out with another workout plan.


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