Entry level Stretching

We can all benefit from stretching.

General feelings of stiffness or typical aches and pains can all be helped with some regular stretching.

Below is a list of basic stretches that make an excellent starting place for your stretching practice.
There are various opinions on what is the “best” way to stretch.
The typical variable is how long you hold the stretches for.
I usually suggest that you can hold them for as long or as short as you like depending on how your feeling.
Anything from 10 seconds to 1.5 minutes would be a typical range.
You can repeat each stretch as many times as you like, its also a good Idea to stretch opposites. For example, stretch your quad, then your hamstring and repeat both.

Basically just get some stretching done, done worry to much about it.
As long as your doing some stretching it will contribute to an improvement.

All of the stretch below(except the last) should be repeated on both sides.

You can Download the below stretches in a printable format.


calf-r agility fitness
Calf Stretch

Keeping the back heel down, make sure you have both feet pointing forward as if they where on a track. Shift your weight foward to bring a stretch into the back of the lower leg.

hamstring kettlebells
Hamstring Stretch

Keeping your knees roughly in line with each other hinge at the hip to stretch the back of the thigh on the straight leg.

quad bristol
Quad Stretch

Keeping the knees roughly in line bring your heel as close to your bum as possible.
to get an extra stretch in this position brace your core and tuck your tailbone, pushing your hips slightly forward without the knee leaving their line.

groin capoeira
Groin Stretch

Start by pushing your bum back and shifting you weight onto one leg, bringing a stretch onto the inside thigh of the straight leg.
You can raise your arms to help with balance.

glute-1 personal training
Glute Stretch

Start seated with both legs forward, put one foot behind the opposite knee.
Then twist to bring your chest closer to the raised leg, you can use your opposite arm to push onto the raised knee to increase the stretch in your bum.

glute-2 sports massage
Pigeon Stretch

Laying on your back, put you foot over the other knee and grip the back of your thigh. Pull your leg towards you to get a stretch in your bum.

side-bend bristol
Side Bend (back stretch)

Standing straight bend to the side. avoid leaning forward and keep your shoulders one above the other to get a stretch on the sides of your low back.

shoulder-1 personal trainer
Shoulder Stretch 1

Bring your arm across your body and use the other arm to pull to get a stretch in the back of the shoulder.
Avoid letting your shoulder shrug up to your chin.

personal trainer in bristol
Shoulder Stretch 2

Put one arm straight up to put your hand behind your head.
Use the other hand to help pull the elbow back to get a stretch on the back of the upper arm and into the shoulder.

neck-2 personal training
Neck Stretch 1

Start standing tall, lean your head to one side and use your hand to pull gently to stretch along the side of the neck.

Personal trainer in bristol
Neck Stretch 2

Lean you head forward and use both hand to stretch the back of your neck and into the area between your shoulder blades


Download the printable PDF so you can practice these stretches at home!



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